lvl protocol


lvl is a crypto resume

lvl is an on-chain reputation and skills web3 resume that highlights all of your contributions across communities, DAOs, and metaverses

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For communities

  1. Define skills relevant for your community that members can earn
  2. Combine existing tools with your own community data
  3. Rollup all off-chain data from your community, DAO, game, or metaverse into members’ lvl tokens, on-chain
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For members

  1. Mint your lvl token to start tracking your contribution, skills, and reputation
  2. Focus on building your contributions and reputation in your metaverses and level up your skills
  3. Watch your dynamic lvl NFT token shift and change along with your growth

Early minting is available and will hold your spot when lvl is fully integrated with your DAOs.

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Dynamic NFTs

lvl Tokens are dynamic NFTs that showcase your earned skills in each community, combining data from any source, validated by the community, then stored on-chain so any smart contract can interact at your lvl.

a retro OS window displays a retro version of the LVL Protocol NFT

How It Works

Community admins configure skills that are important to their community, and integrate the tools they depend on to measure each member's contributions. Community members compose their skills and reputation across different communities into their single lvl NFT.

lvl NFTs are "Soulbound" and lock reputation to the entity that earned it in each community.

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Community-specific skills

  • Service DAOs can highlight leadership, development, and other technological skills.
  • Venture DAOs would select growth strategies, community building, and analytical skills.
  • For game communities, skills can be about marketing, socialization, and activity. All other metaverses can choose anything from experience to reputation!

Communities drive growth

Communities can rollup their off-chain data into each member’s lvl token

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an illustration of a retro version of the LVL Protocol NFT
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a diagram demonstrating the options for connecting your favorite community integration

Integrate your favorite tools

Sourcecred, Coordinape, Tip Party, Github, Figma, and many others…

Member benefits

  • Display your lvl
  • Access to token-gated experiences
  • Access to token-gated smart contract functionality
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